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Donations made to UPNA may be mailed to:
Union Park Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 180750
Boston, MA 02118

Make your donation to the UPNA General Fund or the Friends of Union Park (for park maintenance)
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You can also mail your donation to:
P.O. Box 180750
Boston, MA 02118
As a 501(c)3 organization, contributions to UPNA are tax deductible.

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Union Park Neighborhood Association

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Friends of Union Park


   UPNA 2018 Donor List
   2 Union Park Condo Trust
   3 Union Park Condo Trust
   8 Union Park Condo Assoc.
   14 Upton Street Condo Trust
   31 Union Park Condo Trust
   32 Union Park Trust
   43 Union Park Condo Assoc
   46 Upton Street Condo Trust
   68 Waltham St. Condo Trust
   596 Tremont St Condo Trust
   Aquitaine Group
   Jim and Cate Ahlgren
   Lenny Alberts
   Stephen Alves
   Dana and Stephen An
   Susan Ankeles Wilchins
   Saideh Anna Dartley
   Gary Arena and David Pister
   Zack Asrat
   Kristen Bailey
   Julie Banks
   Matthew Barber
   Nicole Barsalona and Michael Tonelli
   Adam Basilio
   Amber Batata
   Carol Beasley
   Linda and Richard Begen
   Patrick and Sophie Benzie
   Lawrence Berman
   Kristen and Mike Bernier
   Gordon Bither
   Michael Bojanowski
   Adam Borchert and Kimberly Kehrberger
   Dana Bos
   Troy Brennan and Wendy Warring
   Herbert and Rosa Bromberg
   Cynthia Brown and Colin McKenna
   Dianne Brown
   Kathryn Bueker
   David Burns
   David and Lisa Bushy
   Shirley and Stephen Cantin
   Jefferson Case
   David Chang and Shereen Shermak
   William and Veronica Chissholm
   Trevor and Jaclyn Childs
   Ed Collins and Pam Ward
   Deborah Collins and Jane Tingley
   Caroline Constant
   Linda Darman
   Stephen and Isabelle Davis
   Cristina de la Cierva
   Diana DeSocio
   Heather Diskin and Greg Rumsey
   Greg Dracos
   Margaret Drain
   Ryan and Reagan Driscoll
   Patricia Dunning
   Jane Ernstoff
   Chris Evans
   Karim Fadel
   Justin Fischer
   Jeffrey Fishbein
   James and Sue Ann Fox
   Jennifer Friesen
   Sara Gabriel
   Sean and Suzanne George
   Brian Gerhardson and John Shade
   Mary Gillis
   Susan and Todd Goldberg
   Philip Green
   Helena Gressler
   Sheila Grove
   Bill Gustat
   Jessica Haley
   Joshua Harris
   Torin Hayes
   Edward Henningsen
   Neil and Natalie Higgens
   Meg Hinds
   Angela Ho and Uwe Beffert
   House of Siam
   Tien Hsu and Maria Trojanowska
   Yan Huang
   Duncan Hughes and Cameron Stowe
   Jean Hynes and Mark Condon
   Goll Insurance
   Jacqueline Jacquiot
   Kristen Johnson and Joe Gibson
   Kyle Johnson
   William Jorgenson
   Althea and David Kaemmer
   Brian Kaplan
   Doug Karp
   Jean Kelley
   Michael Kubit and Brian Haseltine
   Allison Lacasse
   Seth Latimer
   Christine Lattin
   Law Office of Marian Abraham
   Matthew Lazzara
   Michael and Colleen Leary
   Darin Lee
   Axel and Kasey Lekander
   Joanna Lemaitre
   Jake and Natalie Lemle
   Jay and Jenny Leopold
   David Lewitt
   Cheryl Lim and Eng Tan
   Andrew Malgieri
   John Manning and Timothy McSweegan
   Lelah Manz and Kevin Willis
   Kristy Marks
   Wallace Marosek and Anne Sheridan
   Mary Marshall
   Kristen Massimine
   John McDermott
   Kevin McElroy
   John Merrill
   Laszlo Meszoly
   Elizabeth Mezias
   Lars Mikkelsen
   David Mittelstadt and Cynthia Sarver
   Michael Mullins
   Paul Neumann
   W. Newman and M. Nienhuis
   David and Sharon Northrup
   Austin O'Toole
   Glenna and Lindsey Parker
   Jamie Perencevich and Katie Laidlaw
   Vicente Piedrahita and Divya Mani
   Vicente Piedrahita
   Kris Pitney
   J. Daniel Powell
   John Puleo
   Joseph Raccuglia
   Geoffrey Reilinger
   Barry Rock
   Leora Rodenstein
   Erica Rogoff
   Steven Rogowski and Samuel Hudson
   Jonathan Roiter
   Joshua and Lauren Rottner
   Jessica Rubinstein
   Samantha Salamack
   Thomas Schlapp
   John Schleer and Emilie Gitlitz
   Lee and Elyssa Schneider
   George Siewierski
   Lee Silverstone
   Kenneth Sisson and Morgan Adams
   Lucia Sky and Bessel Van Der Kolk
   Beverly Sky
   Andrew Slifka
   Tony and Manera Smith
   Jane and Peter Sollogub
   South End Buttery
   Jeremy Stahlin
   Catherine Stornetta
   Kate Strauchon
   Curtis and Rebecca Tearte
   Union Park Associates LLC
   Al Ventullo and David Small
   Barbara and Tom Vlacich
   Jayson Vucovich
   Steve Waddell and Robert Quinan
   Timothy Wallace
   Benjamin and Jessica Wang
   Richard and Nancy Waywood
   Sue Weil
   Tricia Welsh
   Graham Wert and Abby Altman
   Michelle Willey
   Laurie and Bob Williams
   Emma Williams
   Karin Wilsey
   Monika Wirtz
   Karen Wong
   Don and Agnes Woodlock

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