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UPNA Committees List 2015

Activities Committee
Planning and running UPNA social events, the Evening in the Park series, UPNA Night at Fenway, walking tours, Holiday Party, etc.
Sue Ann Fox, Co-Chair
Barry Rock Co-Chair
Beverly Sky
Rachel McIntosh

Zoning and Neighborhood Conditions
Monitor and resolve public works issues (trash, streets/sidewalks, snow/ice, etc.)
Jerry Frank, Chair
Nancy Blaisdell
Mike Mullins

Trees and Landscaping
Maintaining the green environment within the neighborhood
Brian Gerhardson, Chair
Jerry Frank
Beverly Sky
Anne Van de Ven Maloney
Vince Mayer

Solicit business sponsorship for events and annual fundraising
Jamie Fox, Chair
Jerry Frank
Vince Meyers
Allen Seletsky
Steve Dechiario

UPNA Club Card Program
Maintain the UPNA Club Card discount program
Jamie Fox, Chair
Beverly Sky
Steve Dechiario

Maintaining the UPNA website, social media and media outreach
Jamie Fox, Chair
Joseph Raccduglia
Nicole Barcelona

Newcomers and Neighborhood Contacts
Identify and welcome new residents and maintain UPNA contact list
Rachel McIntosh, Chair
Sue Ann Fox
Beverly Sky
Allen Seletsky

Friends of Union Park
Maintain and improvements in Union Park
Vince Mayer, Chair
Steve Dechiario

Business Relations
Promote and maintain a positive relationship with local businesses
Allen Seletsky, Chair
Mark Szal
Jeffrey Gates
Jamie Fox

Pets and Pet Owners
Maintain an environment friendly for pets, pet owners, and other residents alike
Steve Dechiario, Chair
Mike Mullins
Mark Szal

The Union Park Association, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, doing business as the Union Park Neighborhood Association, PO Box 180750, Boston, MA 02118, Tax ID# 22-2575368

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