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 2015-2016 Contributors to UPNA

We are grateful to the following individuals and businesses for their support:

Platinum Contributors ($1,000 and above)
Jerry and Leslie Frank

Gold Contributors ($500 to $999)
Herbert Bohnet and Carrie Simmons
Troy Brennan and Wendy Warring
Ryan and Reagan Driscoll
James and Sue Ann Fox
Morgan and Jessica Jones
Kimberly Kehrberger and Adam Borchert
Michael Mullins

Silver Contributors ($250 to $499)
2 Union Park Condo Trust
9 Union Park Condo Association
14 Upton Street Condo Trust
28 Upton Condo Trust
Veronica Chissholm
Margaret Corcoran
Greg Dracos
Margaret Drain
Emil Frank and Tizita Ephrem
Althea and David Kaemmer
Fred Kiley
Mary Marshall
Tamara Olsen
Winifred Zimmer

Bronze Contributors ($100 to $249)
32 Union Park Trust
68 Waltham St Condo Tust
596 Tremont St Condo Trust
Arlington Court Condominium
Stephen Alves
Gary Arena and Javier Cortes
Matthew Barber
Amber Batata
Carol Beasley
Amie Belobrow and Roku Ohashi
David Bergstein and Amanda Valenda
Michael Bojanowski
Anne Cademenos
Trevor and Jaclyn Childs
Joan and David Cirillo
Ed Collins and Pam Ward
Michael Connor and Melissa Schneider
Kenvor Cothey and Georgina Behrens
Katie and Peter Czerepak
Diana DeSocio
Heather Diskin and Greg Rumsey
Jefrey DuBard
Jane Ernstoff
Sue Freihofer and Phil Rice
H. Gail Gordon
Philip Green
Bill Gustat
Tien Hsu and Maria Trojanowska
Doug Karp
Omar Kazimi
Jean Kelley
Robert and Melissa Kilgore
Lynn Kodama
Christine Lattin and Nicholas Loughlin
Mathew Lazzara
Michael Leary
Axel and Kasey Lekander
Joanna Lemaitre
Jay and Jenny Leopold
Bianca and Mark Lindsey
Carl Lizio and Sheila Grove
John Manning and Timothy McSweegan
Wallace Marosek and Anne Sheridan
Kevin McElroy
Mark McHugh
Maria McPadden
Laszlo Meszoly
David Middelstadt and Cynthia Sarver
Julian Osorio
Austin O'Toole
Vicente Piedrahita and Divya Mani
Stephanie and Nathaniel Roberts
Barry Rock
Shimon and Estee Sharon
Jenna Sherman
Eric Siegel and Lindsay Allen
Kenneth Sisson and Morgan Adams
Beverly Sky
James and Diane Smith
Tony and Manera Smith
Jane and Peter Sollogub
Krista and Paul Toms
Al Ventullo and David Small
Barbara and Tom Vlacich
Graham Wert and Abby Altman
Laurie and Bob Williams
Monika Wirtz
Laura Wyckoff

Copper Contributors ($20 to $99)
Jim and Cate Ahlgren
Lenny Alberts
Julie Banks
Richard Blair
Herbert and Rosa Bromberg
David and Lisa Bushy
Alden Clark
Kristin Cleary
Norma Corey
Nicole and James Cuff
Linda Darman
Saideh Anna Dartley
Shelby Elsbree
Jaclyn Epstein
Catherine Robbs Farrow
Robert Freedman
Grant and Beth Freeland
Christopher Haimendorf
Blair Hance
Torin Hayes
David Hayter
Duncan Hughes and Cameron Stowe
Deborah Kardon-Schwartz
Michael Kubit and Brian Haseltine
Allison Lacasse
Cheryl Lim
Kate Lipford and Kevin Wilson
Kristy Marks
Lee Martz
Kristen Massimine
Christopher Miller
John and Mary Noonan
Deanna Palmin
Parveen Parmar
Wanda Pearle and Julie Banks
Matthew Polletto
Aaron Remenschneider
Alan Ricks
Leora Rodenstein
Thomas Schlapp
John Schleer and Emilie Gitlitz
Lee and Elyssa Schneider
Peter and Norine Shults
Catherine and James Stornetta
Kate Strauchon
Robert Taylor
Sue Weil
Kathleen Wittels
Lorraine Zannino

Business Donor List
Cambridge Trust Company
Eastern Bank
Foodie’s Urban Market
Goll Insurance
Hingham Institution for Savings
House of Siam

Mt. Vernon Company
Pine Street Inn
The Gallows
Tremont 647
Van Wormer International LLC

  *Note: Please send any name corrections to info@upna.org
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